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Top 5 Considerations You Must Follow to Have a Killer Website in 2022

Aug 9, 2021

The way your website is constructed is vital, and today we are going to explore how you can create a killer website. As you’re reading the first sentence, you’ve probably decided whether you like or dislike this webpage.

Even though it’s less than 40-50 milliseconds, your mind has created a visual appeal of this page. It’s human nature to judge a webpage by its first visual appeal.

But you cannot afford to build websites that merely serve your business purpose; you need to build ones that genuinely connect with your visitors the second your website loads and convert them into paying customers.

That’s why having a killer website with an extraordinary visual appeal is important to retain your visitor’s attention. But having a beautiful design will not alone serve the purpose – if you want your visitors to spend some time on your website exploring it, focus on providing a functional website.

To ensure your website fully represents your business, we’re going to explore some tips to building a website that makes customers glued to it. Ready? Let’s start!

Top 5 Considerations You Must Follow to Have a Killer Website in 2021

Follow these considerations to draw more visitors to your website in 2021 and beyond.

1.    Focus on rapid prototyping

A bad website design will remain bad even if you offer extraordinary functionality or even if your product/services are revolutionary. That’s why after you create a complete website design or after finishing a part of it, you need to test your ideas. Because if you don’t, you will carry forward the flaws and errors until a customer encounters them – resulting in loss of money and customer’s trust.

So, as your website designer completes a part of your website design, keep sending them for rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping creates an early sample of your product, web application, or website to test its design and functionality. These prototypes are not made for how a customer will see your product. Instead, it’s a great way to perfect your website’s design and functionality.

This way, you get useful insights and feedback on your website design early on, and you can refine the designs to meet your user’s expectations and requirements.

Rapid prototyping is an important iterative process and involves three steps:

  • Build or create a prototype
  • Test it
  • Refine it based on the feedback received

You can test all website design and functionality ideas in just three steps and ensure you create a website that resonates with your customers.

Brands that give importance to rapid prototyping launch their website on time and build websites that a customer wants to return again and again.

Why focus on rapid prototyping? It’s cheaper to create rapid prototypes of your website than to create complete prototypes. Also, with rapid prototyping, you can make design decisions easier and cut down your cost of repetitive iterations.

2.    Focus on creating a functional and responsive website

With an average visitor spending less than 15 seconds on your website, effectively capturing their attention boils down to a functional and responsive website. If your website isn’t functional and isn’t optimized for search engine rankings and your online audience, you could lose out on potential visitor traffic.

Apart from ensuring a functional website, make sure your web pages are optimized for mobile traffic. Use accelerated mobile pages to make your website scalable on every mobile device. To ensure this, choose an excellent hosting plan that promises a shorter website loading time and guarantees an uptime time of at least 99.999%.

Also, to reduce the load time of your website and make it functional, use images that load faster and focus on a minimalistic design.

Why create a functional and responsive website? When you create a responsive design, you require only a website code to adapt to all your screen sizes. Such websites are easier to develop and maintain and are even cost-efficient.

3.    Always provide an answer to “why?”

Has anyone ever come to you, shared their business card, and walked away without saying a word? Probably not.

Then why miss telling your customers what they should do when they land on your website?

That’s where a call-to-action or CTA comes in.

Nowadays, your website either has a CTA, or you will soon be out of the picture. This is because when a visitor visits your website, they’re clueless about what they need to do next. As a result, you end up losing potential leads and visitors.

Customers expect you to inspire them to take necessary action. Whether it’s extending your plan of a SaaS software or purchasing an upgrade to it, or simply sharing an email address or receive weekly updates, unless your website has a CTA, your visitors are less likely to engage with you.

So, focus on creating CTAs that resonate with your audience, and they’re intrigued to click on your CTA. Some examples of CTA to use:

  • Signup for our weekly newsletter
  • Read more articles
  • Free trial
  • Contact sales
  • Sign up

Same way, simply putting social media logos will not serve any purpose until you explain to your customers why they should follow you on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Why create CTAs for your website? CTAs on your website motivate the sales funnel and boost the success of your digital advertising. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that emphasizes the power of ad copy.

4.    Implement SEO fundamentals

If you’re new to the realm of marketing or web design, you need to understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in your website design. At the bare minimum, know how search engines crawl and index your content. It ensures that your primary on-page factors are optimized for SEO.

Ensuring SEO-friendly content that resonates with your audience’s requirements separates the winners from the losers. With hundreds of websites offering the same services, there is no point regurgitating the same thing. Instead, use the power of storytelling and craft SEO-friendly content. Share content that portrays your brand in the limelight and is in line with your brand’s voice. However, don’t overlook SEO as keywords are necessary to boost your website’s SEO score.

To create compelling content on your website, start by choosing keywords relevant to your business and analyzing posts shared by competitors on the same subject. Then weave these keywords into your landing page, product/service description, and every other piece of copy you share on your website.

Why implement SEO fundamentals? SEO optimization can get your website ranked on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) that helps in driving organic traffic. So, ensure to optimize every element for SEO and post information, inspirational and engaging content with your audience.

5.    Use the right color scheme

While this may not be the first thing in your mind when building your website, the color you use significantly impacts your website’s success. Remember the red and white color of the Coca-Cola brand. The company is synonymous with these two colors. Colors evoke emotions and help in building a connection with your brand.

For example, blue symbolizes calmness and trust, and white symbolizes peace and serenity.

However, color association and the ability to use the right set of colors can help you portray your brand image. So, think about your buyer’s persona and choose a color that appeals to them and helps you reflect the authentic feel of your brand.

Incorporate the same feel across all your pages to build a similar vibe of each page. Using a consistent color scheme across your website is the key to success, as every page speaks of your brand.

Why focus on the color scheme? Using the right colors can have a significant impact on your website conversion rates. Furthermore, using the right color code on your CTA can significantly improve the click rate of your CTA.

Wrapping up

Today, with countless online tools available, you can build a website within a few minutes, but that doesn’t make it marketable or functional.

For those looking to make an impact and search for ways to grow their business, creating a killer website is more than a necessity. Implement these five tips to craft a website that your company stands out in the cluttered online realm.

Just like Rome, killer websites take time to build, and expecting your SEO and design elements to work overnight and attain the top SERPs ranking magically will remain an unfulfilled dream. It requires months of hard work and patience to build a website that customers want to visit repeatedly.

From improving your website’s navigation to including relevant content to building user-friendly landing pages, there are many elements in your website that help you create a killer website.

While these tips are just the tip of the iceberg, they are great to kickstart your website designing process. So, focus on implementing these five tips with proper planning and execution to see your website market your brand.

As always, if there is anyway we can assist please let us know!